The Team

 Amar Batra
Director of Photography

Kevin Bostiga


Claire Galvin      Writer 

Frank Greenwood Jr.


  William Heyne


Makhala Huggins


Michelle Kalupski

  PaulMichael Mullally

 Annabelle Orlando

Karla Santos


Steven Tucker

Video Editor

Jennifer Walsh
Lead Designer

Julia Werth


  Bailey Wright


Executive Producer: Maureen Croteau


Writing Editor: Gail MacDonald


Visual Editor: Steven G. Smith

About the Project

A faculty-chosen group of University of Connecticut journalism majors – Amar Batra, Kevin Bostiga, Claire Galvin, Franck Greenwood Jr., William Heyne, Makhala Huggins, Michelle Kalupski, PaulMichael Mullally, Annabelle Orlando, Steven Tucker, Jennifer Walsh, Julia Werth, and Bailey Wright – set off in January 2016 to bring light to the food desert in Hartford, Connecticut.


This multimedia crew spent many hours over several weeks interviewing townspeople, filming markets and neighborhoods, researching Hartford’s history and generally getting a feel for the people and how they are affected. They devoted many more weeks to writing, rewriting, editing and fine-tuning their photos, video and written work, with input from faculty advisers Maureen Croteau, Steven G. Smith and Gail MacDonald.

The Product

A mix of storytelling, art and video that shares the story of the food desert and details in government programs such as SNAP and WIC. This package highlights the student's own work, from story layout and design to multimedia features. The students will earn credit for the project through the Journalism Department’s Publication Practice course.

Special Thanks

We are especially grateful for: Sara Bronin, chairwoman, Hartford Planning and Zoning Commission; Rhonda A. Brownbill, didactic program director, nutritional sciences, University of Connecticut; Carol Buckheit, policy advisor, The Donaghue Foundation;Lonnie Burt, director of food services, Hartford Public Schools; Salvador Casales, Hartford resident and urban gardener; Magaly Castro, Hartford resident; Jack Chamis, pastor, Oasis of Life Christian Church; Lisbet Chavez, health representative, Hispanic Health Council; Church Street Eats, volunteers; Travis Clark, teacher, Mary M. Hooker Magnet School; Nate Davis, student, Grow Hartford Youth; Jim Dombroski, organic farmer and bus driver, Hartford Mobile Market; Each One Teach One, Mount Calvary Baptist Church, members; Comalita Elliott, registered nurse and certified diabetes educator; Ann Ferris, director, Center for Public Health and Health Policy, University of Connecticut;  Nathan Fiala, assistant professor, agricultural and resource economics, University of Connecticut; Rose Fichera-Eagen, director, Church Street Eats; Lynne Garner, president, The Donaghue Foundation; Alice Gold, member, Hartford School Garden Council; Jennifer Hintz, financial operations manager, KNOX, Inc.; Lisset Holandes, Hispanic Health Council; Mary M. Hooker Magnet School, students; Meg Hourigan, policy analyst, Hartford Food System; Brunella Ibarrola, nutrition support manager, Hartford Public Schools; Immanuel House, staff; Nikki Knowles, Hartford Mobile Market; Donna Larcen, communications specialist, Hartford Public Library; Rigoberto Lopez, director, Charles J. Zwick Center for Food and Resource Policy, University of Connecticut; Katie Martin, assistant professor of nutrition and public health, University of Saint Joseph; Maria Nascimento, owner, La Estrella Bakery; Sarana Nia, program director, Grow Hartford Youth; Martha Page, director, Hartford Food System; Melissa Pavik, facilitator, Hartford School Garden Council; Robert Pawlowski, author and Hartford memoirist; Pamela Pearsons, cook manager, Mary M. Hooker Magnet School;  Jeffrey Perez, manager, C-Town market, 165 Wethersfield Ave.; Ron Pitz, executive director, KNOX, Inc.; Amanda Renna, communications manager, Foodshare; Gary Rhule, director of health, Hartford Health Department; Ana Rojas, Hartford resident; Marvin Scott, employee, Grow Hartford Youth; Sofia Segura-Perez, associate unit director of nutrition, Hispanic Health Council; Paula Siebers, food sourcing manager,  Foodshare; Shana Smith,  program coordinator, Hartford Mobile Market and North End Farmers Market; Sport and Medical Sciences Academy, staff and students; Tilly Story, coordinator, Little City Sprouts; Kristen Cooksey Stowers, researcher, Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, University of Connecticut; Sherry Suber, SNAP Program Manager, End Hunger Connecticut!; Larry Switzer, Hartford resident; Tenaya Taylor, office manager, Hartford Food System; Lindsey P. Thompson, principal, Mary M. Hooker Magnet School; Cecil Walker, Hartford resident and urban gardener; Dyani Williams, communications coordinator, Foodshare;  Joe Williams, Hartford resident; Terri Zimmer, Snap-Up Coordinator, Hartford Food System.


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